Our Commitment to Supplier Diversity

SDG&E is committed to supplier diversity as a core business value that reflects the customers and communities we serve. Supplier diversity enhances our ability to remain competitive while contributing to a safer, stronger, healthier and more vibrant local economy.

About SDG&E’s Supplier Diversity Program

SDG&E is proud of its robust and comprehensive supplier diversity program that advocates for procurement opportunities for women; minority; lesbian, gay, bisexual and transgender (LGBT); disabled veteran; and persons with disabilities business enterprises. In accordance with General Order 156, the California Public Utilities Commission (CPUC) encourages investor-owned utilities to purchase goods and services from diverse business enterprises.

2022 Annual Report

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Supplier Diversity Annual Report

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How the Program Works

  1. Ensure that your product or service can be used at SDG&E.  Please see the Services & Products Utilized by SDG&E tab.
  2. Become certified through the California Public Utilities Commission (CPUC) Supplier Clearinghouse if you are a woman, minority and/or LGBT-owned company. Contact the State of California, General Services Office of Small and Disabled Veteran Business (OSDC) if you are a service disabled veteran-owned company.*
  3. If you receive an invitation to bid from SDG&E, respond thoroughly and promptly.

*Certification does not guarantee any business enterprise the right to bid or receive a contract.


Certification provides official recognition that your company qualifies as a WMDVLGBT-owned business.  After becoming certified, your company will be included in a nationwide supplier database utilized by utilities, government agencies and other businesses to source diverse suppliers for procurement opportunities.

If an opportunity is found for your company with Sempra or its utilities, you'll need to complete the verification/certification process as outlined below.

Certification as a woman, minority and/or LGBT-owned business enterprise

The CPUC has established a process by which you may become certified as a woman- and/or minority-business enterprise (WMBE) and/or LGBTE.  This process is administered by the Supplier Clearinghouse.

You may obtain information about the certification process and obtain the necessary forms or apply online at the Supplier Clearinghouse. There is no cost to your company to apply.  The Clearinghouse will also accept certification by comparable verification agencies (select “View Questions and Answers” for list) which can provide an expedited certification process.

Supplier Clearinghouse certificates have an expiration date and the verification must be current for a business to be considered verified.

Certification as a service-disabled veteran-owned business enterprise (DVBE)

To learn how to become certified as a DVBE, visit the DVBE section of the California State website.  It explains the process and provides the proper forms.

Federal certification

The U.S. Small Business Administration (SBA) has also set up a process to become certified as a small, disadvantaged business SBA 8(a).  To learn more, please visit the SBA website.

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